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We all get it, we live in a world where efficiency matters. It’s understandable that In the fast paced world of property management, finding a trust worthy and reliable waste management company can be difficult. With the high demand for valet trash and bulk trash pickup services in Dallas, Denton, Collin & Tarrant County areas, property managers now have ability to choose different options to help streamline their operations. As a leader in the waste management industry. Junk North DFW is committed to delivering the best service, reliability and the customer experience. We are locally owned and operated and have been servicing commercial clients for years. We are the best choice and take pride and making sure your needs are met.

Understanding Your Pain Points

We get it! Property managers are busy and often face many common pain points when it comes to waste management. That could be;

1. Limited Space: A lot of properties have limited space for large dumpsters or trash compactors. This can cause an overflow and trash buildup.

2. Bad For Residents: Many residents may find it inconvenient to walk to a dumpster, especially with heavy or bulky items in the rain, snow, heat  or even cold days.

3. Staying Compliant: It Is important that property managers be in compliance with local regulations regarding waste disposal, including any hazardous materials and large bulky items. 

4. Pest Control: With overflowing dumpsters and trash buildup that can attract pests, leading to potential pest control issues on the property.

5. llegal Dumping: Illegal dumping can result in significant costs for property managers, including cleanup fees, disposal costs, and potential fines with the city for being non-compliant. This puts more pressure on your maintenance staff and creates unnecessary stress, when they could be focused on maintaining the property. 

At Junk North DFW, we can help. With our valet trash and bulk trash pickup service. You will benefit from getting convenience, residence satisfaction, improvement of property appearance and excellent customer service.

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We Offer Same Day & Next Day Service

How Does Doorstep Collection Process Work?

We propose to provide comprehensive valet trash services to meet your specific requirements.

Step 1- Preparing Your Trash For Collection 

Each community in our area has specific trash collection days and times, and they may use different types of trash bins. Ensure all trash bags are securely tied before placing them out for collection. Loose items are not accepted.  All bags must be durable enough to contain their contents during transport without tearing or leaking.

Step 2- Ready For Disposal 

Put your container, with the securely tied trash bag inside out by your front door within the designated window before collection starts. If you have more than one bag, you may placed them on top of each other to prevent leakage on the ground floor.

Step 3- You're All Set

Please kindly bring the container back inside of your apartment by 9:00am the next morning. 

Our Services Will Include

Regular trash collection from designated pickup points at your premises.

Collection and disposal of general waste, excluding hazardous materials.

Trash removal from common areas, including hallways, lobbies, and other designated spaces.

Recycling program implementation and management, including separate collection of recyclable materials.

Additional services, such as bulky item removal or special waste handling, available upon request.

Our Pricing Structure For Valet Trash Services Near Me & Bulk Trash Pickup Are Split Into Two Options

Monthly Service Fee: $8 per unit

Collection Days: 5 Days/Week (Including Holidays)

Doorstep Placement: 5:00pm-7:00pm

Collection Time: 7:00pm


Monthly Service Fee: $10 per unit

Collection Days: 7 Days/Week (Including Holidays)

Doorstep Placement: 5:00pm-7:00pm

Collection Time: 7:00pm

Bulk Trash Services

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow!

When folks move out, they might leave behind furniture, small appliances, and mattresses. When receiving a new couch that means the old one gets left out by the curb. These eyesores don't fit in dumpsters, can mess up compactors, and ruin your property appearance. But with Junk North DFW, we can quickly haul away those bulky items and keep your place lookin' sharp!

Commercial Bulk Trash Removal Pricing 

Min Cost: $75

1/4 Load $150

1/2 Load $250

3/4 Load $350

Full Trailer or Truck Load $450

Max Load = Full Trailer + Pickup Truck Bed $500

All prices are competitive and inclusive of labor, equipment, transportation, and disposal fees. We believe our pricing offers excellent value for the quality of service we provide.

To Facilitate Efficient and Effective Valet Trash Services We Will Provide


Save $20 By Booking Online Today

We Offer Same Day & Next Day Service

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At Junk North DFW our valet trash and bulk trash pickup services offer a convenient and efficient way for property managers in Dallas Fort Worth looking to streamline waste management operations. Junk North DFW, partners with property managers to ensure they have cleaner and more efficient waste management process for their properties.

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