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We recycle 60%-80% of items to donation centers

Don't Let That Old Couch or Sofa Cramp Your Style 

Howdy, folks! If you’re fixin’ to bid farewell to that old couch or sofa in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Junk North DFW is here to make it as easy as sittin’ in a porch swing on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Our Texan flair and commitment to top-notch service mean your couch removal experience will be smoother than a country ballad.

Got a couch or sofa that's wearin' out its welcome? Don't worry, partner! Just give us a holler at 940-231-7688, and we'll swoop in like a Texas tornado to haul it off for ya! It’s super simple guys! If you've got an old, beat-up couch or sofa that's takin' up space, we'll take it off your hands faster than you can say "yeehaw!

Save $20 By Booking Online Today

We Offer Same Day & Next Day Service

Here Is The Lowdown On Our Prices

Couch: $75-$100

Sectional: $150-$300

Sleeper Sofa: $75 ground floor, $150 upstairs

We Can Handle It All

Tired of your old sofa or couch hogging up space and collecting dust? Junk North DFW to the rescue! We understand that hauling off furniture can be a real chore – it's like wranglin' a stubborn steer out the door!

Our sofa and couch removal service is as easy as pie. No need to break a sweat luggin' those heavy pieces out or worryin' about what to do with 'em. We'll handle the heavy liftin' and make sure your old furniture finds a new home, whether it's through donation to charity or recyclin' at a facility.

We will take almost any furniture off your hands, includin':

So, if you're ready to say "adios" to your old sofa or couch, give us a holler. We'll make sure it's gone faster than a jackrabbit on a hot Texas day!

Why Choose Junk North DFW for Couch or Sofa Removal?

1. Texan Hospitality: We treat every couch or sofa removal job with the same warmth and hospitality you’d expect from a Texan. From the first howdy to the final farewell, we’ll treat your property like it’s our own homestead.

2. Expertise: Removing a couch or sofa can be a tall order, but our team of professionals knows their stuff. We’ll handle the heavy lifting and navigate those tricky corners like a seasoned cowboy on the trail.

3. Efficiency: We know you’re ready to kick back and enjoy your new space, which is why we work faster than a tumbleweed in a dust storm. Say goodbye to that old couch and hello to a fresh start in no time.

4. Affordability: We believe in fair prices and transparent pricing, with couch or sofa removal starting at just $75. That’s a deal hotter than a Texas summer!

5. Community Focus: Junk North DFW is as Texan as bluebonnets in the spring. When you choose us for your couch or sofa removal needs, you’re supporting a company that’s proud to call Aubey, TX home.

Frequently Asked

Couch or Sofa Removal Questions

Q: What kinds of couches or sofas do y'all haul off?

A: We'll wrangle up any type of couch or sofa you've got – from sectionals to sleepers, loveseats to recliners, and everything in between!

Q: Is there a fee for removal?

A: The cost can vary dependin' on factors like the size and condition of your couch or sofa, and where you're at. But don't you worry, we'll give you a clear estimate upfront so there ain't no surprises.

Save $20 By Booking Online Today

We Offer Same Day & Next Day Service

When it comes to couch or sofa removal in Dallas-Fort Worth, Junk North DFW is the partner you can rely on. With our Texan hospitality, expertise, and commitment to exceptional service, we’ll make sure your couch removal experience is as smooth and fun as a Texas two-step. So kick off your boots and give us a holler – let’s get rid of that old couch and make room for new memories!

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Couch or sofa removal starts at $75. However, if we find any bed bugs hitchin’ a ride, the price may change to cover the extra work and treatments needed.

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